i don't wanna get lost in the ocean...

Finally fixed my theme to something presentable…

Exercise: speed walked for ~60min with 15lbs in a backpack. My hip’s a little sore but I didn’t push it too hard

Food: calories were okay overall but my carbs & protein were waaaay off ): that’s what I get for not looking at labels until after I’ve already eaten -___-

Overall a pretty good day. Tomorrow we’re going to get sno cones (tiger’s blood is so so good) and I’m going out to dinner with mi padre.


We’re out for the summer so I can’t really use school as an excuse anymore, I’ve GOT to get my shit together.

I haven’t seriously lifted since December ): with my hip fucking up I’m too scared to try anything strenuous, but it’s also what I need to do to get and stay in shape (forreal)…I’ve done it before but I gained all the weight back and then some….

I’ve bought a week’s worth of healthy groceries, and even though eating healthier is baby steps, at least they’re still steps.

So goals for the weak:
· eat healthier and less junk food (birthday cake oreos will be the death of me but thankfully I don’t have many left)

· try to incorporate SOME type of exercise every other day depending on my hip/back situation

· figure out what I did to my hip/back. pretty damn sure it’s sciatica but I don’t have the $$$ to go to more doctors that just give out pain meds instead of figuring out the problem to begin with. hopefully seeing a chiropractor will help

· do not let my anxiety take over and bring me down further. since school’s been out I can feel myself being pulled under and it probably doesn’t help that I stopped taking the lexapro, but the side effects were getting fucking ridiculous. (oh the joys of pharmacy school and knowing too much about my meds

· try to post more on this thing instead of being a weirdo and only going through my dash

meeerp I need to actually start using this more….

well, next to last week before school starts back. going to be a busy busy year. yay for pharm school stress -__-

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